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HIIT tutors the current and emerging citizens with valuable knowledge and skills around computing, software, hardware and networking. Our students design and develop many categories of software including games, applications, OS, networking control system and middleware.

HIIT provides service in IT industry.

HIIT looks forward to produce some highly professionals who can coordinate the construction and maintenance of a company's computer systems and plan their future growth.

In the context of 21st century IT training is a must for people of all sections. Its importance can be valued in two ways. Firstly, IT training can develop your skill in any particular job sector, assures job security as it is a must for any company to entail an IT expert to develop their software. Secondly, key to development for any institution lies on their technological sector.

Team HIIT is expert in the theory of computing systems, the structure of software and the nature of hardware to ensure the underlying systems work properly. They have enriched skills around computing, applications, graphics, creative writing and digital marketing.

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Meer Sohrabul Hossain Sohail

Managing Director
Introduction, Exploration, Presentation, everything paves the way to success when your notion hits accurately through technology. Welcome to HIIT.
Subconsciously people of all walks of life are coming under the Shadow of Technology, without which none can survive at one point. So we should know about its use. HIIT welcomes everybody.

Tanveer Taharat


Tazkeya Shaima Sohrab

Welcome to the world of innovation and technology.

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Syed Azmal Hossain


Akash Poddar


Tazkeya Shaima Sohrab


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