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The digital age and online security

The digital age is making our life naked to the rest of the world. Yeah, Literally! Do you really think that big belly photo or that sexy western outfit click you took when you stayed over at your cousin’s place is safe from outsiders just because you didn’t upload it on any social media?

Well, guess what? Not so much.

With the ever-growing number of smart devices and online social media accounts, privacy and security has reached an alarming state of vulnerability.

Since Edward Snowden busted the cap on NSA and the world realized that their Bathroom Singer career is no longer a secret, theres been a massive emersion of flaws in our “smart-security”.Sadly a lot of it can be protected from the majority of online thieves.


Here are some ways in which those 30 day transformation pictures showing your failure not fall into the wrong hands:

  1. Physical Security:

    This might seem like a no brainer but surprisingly a huge number of smartphone users are not alert when in public places. When typing in passwords in a crowded area, make sure your back is against a wall so that no one can peek in from behind. You may also check if anyone is facing towards your phone before you type in sensitive info into your phone, laptop or tablet. Specially if you are standing shorter than the average height in the room. No Offence!
  2. Downloading Apps:

    Don’t just say yes to everything the apps want. Why do you do it anyway? Its not like this is your girlfriend and you are bound to do it right? Go through what the app wants permissions for. I'm not saying don’t download anything but if a music player wants access to the camera then you probably shouldn’t download it.
  3. Signing up in those apps:

    This is for the lazy ones who just click on “Sign in with Facebook” just to save a few seconds . Those few seconds might just cost you . If the hacker wanted to he could just hack in your browser and retrieve your facebook id and password from the saved passwords and use that to every app you ever accessed with that facebook account. The process isn’t all what I just said but you get the idea.
    Use you email id instead. You will be prompted to use a new password and this is just another wall the hackcer would have to face so yay for us!
    Oh, when you they ask for a new password, they mean a NEW PASSWORD!!!!
  4. Using a thirdparty security:

    Use an antivirus on all your devices and update regularly . When you do, go for the paid ones and not the free garbage on the store. What you pay for is what you get.
  5. Passwords:

    Use passwords with mixture of numbers symbols and alphabets. Basic things go a long way. Stop using passwords like “killerboy” or “ilovesakib”. Just stop.
    Also, once you have a good password you should change it on a routiene basis depending on your level of protection you need. Don’t use the same password more than once. Phone passcodes are equally important.
  6. Read the Privacy policy once in a while:

    Okay ill admit . Even I skip this everytime. But we should be aware of what our provided data is going to be used for.
  7. LOG OUT:

    Don’t be lazy. It’s the root of all evil. When you are done, log out/sign out of all the apps and websites. This makes sure no one can spy on them and the passwords have to be obtained to do so. Plus you don’t have to write down your passwords anywhere as you will have them in your head all the time.
  8. Rooting and jailbreaking:

    The phones have boundaries set for a reason . Rooting or jailbreaking opens up your phone to the outside attack like radiation coming towards earth and no ozone layer to act as a shield . The phone companies probably know what they are doing and you shouldn’t meddle with these settings if you don’t know what you are doing.
  9. WIFI:

    Keep your wifi network secure with a strong password and change it regularly. Don’t connect to open public wifi. It just makes it for strangers to connect to your device a tad more doable.
  10. Stop posting:

    Don’t go and post everything you do on social media. You don’t know who might be tracking your whereabouts. Also don’t allow all the apps to access your location . Same reason as before.

There’s a ton of more preventive measures you can take like not replying or opening suspicious emails, not adding people with zero mutual friends, use authentic reputable sites and secure sites for online transactions, etc etc. To stay safe what we need is self awareness and the will to do something about it .

This is the digital age and we should definitely up our knowledge of loopholes in our security systems. We all want to reap the benefits of technology don’t we? So shall we work to achieve it or suffer and complain?


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