Permanent Solution of Worldwide Poverty

By Akash Poddar | June 02, 2018

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The world is getting beautified by high rise buildings and infrastructures. However in front of those highly rised buildings, beggars are roaming around for search of food. Why the government is not taking care of them? Even in the developed countries like USA, Australia there is beggary. People in those countries work around 24 hours a day to meet their ever rising demand. But they are still unable to do so. Why the government is not taking initiatives to solve this problem permanently? Is it really possible for the government to solve it permanently? Let's find it.

The solution to this problem can be of two types:

  1. Temporary Solution
  2. Permanent Solution

Temporary Solution

The easiest solution here can be donating money to the beggars. The government can make such a budget where they will plan to donate money to all the beggars present in the country. However to do so, government needs billions of dollars. Is it sensing legitimate? Moreover most of the people will not support such a decision. Because nowadays most of the rich people have rare tendency towards charity. So the initiative of the government is not an absolute solution. Such a step can be like a drop of water in the large desert. Even if the government stop all the infrastructure development and save those money for the beggars, I guess this will not even serve all the beggars present right now. However stopping development of infrastructure and saving money for beggars can never be a logical solution. So its not possible for the government to bring permanent solution of this problem.

Permanent Solution

So who can give a permanent solution to this problem where the government has failed to do so. But the solution is simple. We, the general people have solution to this problem. The solution is "Food Sharing". We need to share our food with others those who don't have food. All the families in a localhood should have attitude like: if there is anyone who is unfeed, then come to us and share our food. Even our religion teaches us to share our food. It tells us to ensure that there must be none who is unfeed around our surroundings. However today in this society of capitalism where people learn only to gain not to give, taking such an initiative will be tough for them. But our culture, religion never teaches us to be so. They must keep in mind that charity never reduces our property or wealth. It is compulsory for us to share our wealth or food if we have excess. To them wasting money and food in buffet or restaurant is a sign of high life standard. However it is not only wastage but a great sin for them.

Therefore its essential to change our attitude and start practicing "Food Sharing" which can bring the desired permanent solution to the problem of beggary. We need to keep in mind that "Sharing is Caring".


Akash Poddar

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