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Social media creates barriers in our daily life


“Maesha! Please come to have your lunch as you have computer class after an hour,” yelled her mother. However, she was busy with social media. She was addicted to it. As a result, she could not focus on her studies. That is why her results were not so good. Consequently,her inwardness with her family members was also not very good as her family members want good academic performance from her. Also, she was remaining depressed most of the time since she wants to keep good intimacy with her family members.This is how many people are becoming involved in social media in such a way which leads them to face many difficulties in their life. Moreover, this problem has created a buzz around the world because of its severe impact especially on young generation. In fact, social media creates obstructions in our life by hampering studies, creating problems in relationship and also facilitating cyber crime.

Time is very valuable in student life. In addition, success of human life depends on proper utilization of time. Social media is taking away the valuable time of students. Many students are wasting their time on social media which results in deterioration of study. According to Vishwanath (2015), an famous article writer said (india) taking the advantage of platform, young grown-ups in the UK respond that Facebook feeds are being checked 20 times on average everyday and 40 hours every month or a whole working week. For this reason, they do not get sufficient time to spend in study. As a consequence, they are doing bad in examinations. On the other hand, many students are distracted from their aim as they are addicted to social media. Over and above, they are less focused on creating qualities to make themselves compatible for job market. This is a reason of increasing unemployment. Many fresh graduates are not getting their desired jobs as they lack some required skills. Besides, they are failing to grab the proper knowledge profoundly which is required as they are obsessed with social media. Hence, this is creating a huge obstacle to their career.


Besides, social media leads to major relationship problems. It creates long term distance among our loved ones. According to Vishwanath (2015), addiction for Facebook is mostly seen among the teenagers. They tend to spend most of their valuable times in chatting with their friends rather spending times with their family members and relatives. Hence, they remain unaware of real world. For example, Maesha spends half of the day on Facebook which ultimately makes her tired and eventually she loses patience to talk with her family members. Thus, she shares most of her problems and feelings of her life in Facebook but not with her family members. Also, social media is making our real emotions pale. To illustrate, Garcia, Bran, Vazquer and Rodriguez (2015) state that social media is destroying the real appeal of our emotions. People are showing fake emotions through it. For example, many people are reacting to any post or picture on Facebook without reading the post carefully or having any real feelings about it. Overall, social media is deteriorating our intimate relationships through misleading our emotions.

In addition, social media is opening the door of cyber crime. Many people are facing severe consequences of it. To illustrate, creating fake profile pages are really very easy through social media which results in controlling people's activities immorally. For example, according to Vishwanath (2015), recently, for controlling the movements of U.S. and U.K. military personnel, an unreal Facebook profile of a powerful U.S. navy commander was used. The plan was to make friendship with real military personnel of U.S. and U.K. which was attributed to Chinese government. Besides, phishing attacks have more accessibility in social media than email. Vishwanath (2015) mentions that phishing assaults on social media turn up to be more fruitful. Synthetic attacks narrate more than 40% attainment rate whereas email based phishing attacks have less than 1% success rate. Further, criminals are trapping people through phishing websites which they use in social media for conducting cyber crime. Consequently, many people are being trapped through it. These criminals steal personal information for blackmailing and committing social crime. On the whole, in many cases, victims suicide and lose their property as a result of these cyber crimes which is being conducted through social media.

Nevertheless, many people argue that social media creates a new opportunity for the young generation who are pursuing study by providing the opportunity of online class room. It is a brilliant idea in modern study system which engages students with learning. In contrast, the online classroom system is effective for the proactive students not for the students who pay less attention in their studies. Though the online classroom is a brilliant idea, the students who are less attentive they cannot get the proper benefits from it because during the online classes many students remain busy in chatting with friends or playing games which distract them from study. Besides, online classroom is unable to give the opportunity of implementing knowledge practically. Vishwanath (2015) states that taking the advantage of platform,young grown ups in the UK respond that facebook feed are being checked 20(twenty) times and average everyday and 40(fourty) hours every month or whole working weeks.Thus, they easily become distracted during attending online class programme. For example, we can say that a lot of blog or channel we can see where a huge amount of students join but many of them pay more attention in checking news feed rather than the study topic which is not beneficial for them and it’s just a wastage of time for them. Therefore, we can say that online classroom system are not beneficial for the student.

In conclusion, social media is becoming a major problem for many people as it has become the main reason of hampering study, relationship problems and it also opens the door of cyber crime for the young generation across the world. To overcome these problems, we need to introduce some effective steps. Firstly , we need to increase social awareness among general people through social media. For example the popular faces can promote social awareness by their valuable opinions regarding this issue through uploading video on social media. Secondly, more involvement in our real life can reduce this problem. Like, being more social over face to face conversation can make people more associative and realistic which results in nursing relationship in a better way. To illustrate, the more people will increase communicating with friends and family members through face to face communication, the more they will be connected to the real world. As a result, they will feel more inwardness for others. By following these steps, we can overcome the barriers which is created by social media. If mayesha went through these steps she would not face that worst situation in her life.


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