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Hero Under Ocean

The first military submarine in the world was Turtle in 1776. During the American Revolutionary War Turtle (operated by Sgt. Ezra Lee, Continental Army) tried and failed to sink a British warship, HMS Eagle (flagship of the blockaders) in New York harbor on September 7,1776. Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel a Dutch engineer built the first navigable submarine in 1620.

The uses of submarine are:

  • Blockade running
  • Aircraft carrier protection
  • Ballistic missile submarine as part of a nuclear strike force
  • Conventional land attack (for example using a cruise missile)

Civilian Uses:

  • Marine science
  • Salvage
  • Exploration
  • Facility Inspection
  • Search and rescue missions

How submarines helped in World War I?

During World War 1, German military had adopted a policy called “unrestricted submarine warfare.” The prewar submarines and submarines for war in general were built to attack enemy ships. Submarines changed the war because it was easier to attack enemies from under the water. As a result, Germany sank British ships.

blog-post-image Submarine

How to control submarine?

To control its buoyancy, the submarine has ballast tasks and auxiliary, or trims tanks, that can be alternately filled with water or air. When the submarine is on the surface, the ballast tanks are filled with air and the submarine’s overall density is less than that of the surrounding water.

How deep can it go?

TEST DEPTH is the maximum depth at which a submarine is permitted to operate under normal pace time circumstances, and is tested during sea trials. The test depth is set at two thirds of the design depth for (United States) SUBMARINES, WHILE THE (Royal Navy) sets test depth at 4/7 the design depth, and the (Germany Navy) sets it at exactly one half of design depth. Modern nuclear attack submarines like the America Sea wolf class are estimated to have a test depth of 490m (13,600) which would imply a collapse depth of 730m (2,400ft).

How can you breathe in the submarines?

Oxygen is supplied either from pressurized tanks, an oxygen generator (which can form oxygen from the electrolysis of water) or some sort of very hot chemical reaction.The carbon dioxide is trapped in the soda lime by a chemical reaction and removed from the air. Right now the Russian navy’s typhoon class submarine types the list of the world’s largest submarines. Closely followed by Russian’s newest submarine e ever built for the US.

Submarines are now widely used for transporting goods or materials.


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